Medical & Academic Training

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Mediacrews has proven experience in medical and academic video production for hospitals, Royal Collages and role player agencies. Training videos play an essential part in the development and examination of doctors and specialists as well as allowing hospitals to send out video messages to their staff. We have created video content for many sectors of the NHS and specialise in filming real members of staff to create authentic videos that connect with the audience. If you need a single video or even series of videos that have to educate, teach or train the viewer then we can help. We have one, two, or three camera options that will allow extra flexibility in the edit and we have access to studio spaces if you would like to record the video at a more controlled location. 
We can also record lectures or presentations and then drop in Powerpoint slides to allow those meetings to be uploaded to websites or stored in libraries for later viewing. Alternatively we can record lectures in a studio against green-screen which then allows new backgrounds to be added later, giving added flexibility to your training videos.
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