Business Video Production Services

Today there seems to be an ever-increasing need to produce video content for all sorts of business applications and where once this would have been done using an external production company many organisations now make video content within their business using simple video cameras or mobile phones and tablets. Learning to do this is not always an easy task but through our Video for Business course Mediacrews can help you understand some of the basics of good video content as well as helping you avoid some of the common mistakes that people make while trying to put a business video together. This is a bespoke course very much tailored to your particular video requirements.

We can show you how to improve your webcam output on channels such as Zoom, Skype or Teams with tips on improving your appearance, getting better audio and understanding good and bad camera angles. We can also focus on your webcam presentation style, delivery and content.  

Mediacrews Video for Business is also a course aimed at companies and organisations who have to produce video content quickly and sometimes on a small budget. We focus on the principals of good video including: planning your video, deciding what shots to use, lighting, getting good sound recording and the importance of cutaway shots to help bring your video to life. And we also provide training on the techniques of Autocue and green-screen. The session can also cover the essentials of editing including an overview of different editing software including iMovie and Final Cut. 

This course can be delivered on-line via webcam (using Zoom or Skype etc) or face to face at the clients’ premises and will have a typical duration of two to four hours per session depending on content.
"I really enjoyed the Video for Business course which David Gridley delivered for me. This covered technical advice to improve sound, image and lighting; advice on backgrounds, and what to wear; and importantly, tips to improve verbal delivery. A great course, highly recommended, and a must for the current working pattern we find ourselves in”.
Jane Baker, Vice President, Higher Education Qualifications at Pearson
"A comprehensive, well-structured introduction to shooting and editing footage using everyday equipment. Especially useful given the pressures of remote working and the need to turn around video quickly."
Lea Hawkins-Gaboc - Virgin red
Thanks to Eric Dixon and Lindsay Williams at The Media Coach
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