Based in East London on the Isle of Dogs, Mediacrews is a video production company helping to improve both corporate and local businesses as well as individuals video content. From video training courses covering the basics of webcam, filming and editing to providing camera crews for media training, corporate, live streaming, NHS and medical filming...SCROLL DOWN FOR MORE

Medical, Health & Pharma Video Production
Mediacrews provides video production services in a range of different medical, health and pharma contexts, e.g. video for the NHS, medical academic training and medical role play projects.
Corporate Video Production Services
Mediacrews provides camera crews for media training and corporate video including talking head and internal and external communications.
Business Video Production
Mediacrews provides training courses to businesses to help improve their video content. From better webcam to mobile phone and camera filming including techniques to improve lighting, sound and editing. We can also help with presentation style, delivery and content.
Virtual Meetings & Live Streaming
Mediacrews provides camera crews for live streaming events and meetings allowing large numbers of people to view your messages safely.
Insights...Tips and News
Mediacrews latest video productions and some great tips for better video content
Social Media Videos For Business
Mediacrews 'Designed for Individuals' - short on-line training courses created to help people produce more professional looking video 
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