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Video Production
Agency London

Mediacrews, located on the Isle of Dogs in East London, is a specialised video production agency. As a small and independent company, we take pride in delivering personalised, cost-effective, quality solutions tailored precisely to our client’s unique requirements. Our comprehensive range of services includes crafting healthcare videos and corporate videos, offering video crew hire, providing video skills training, facilitating live streaming and handling podcast editing. We are located close to Canary Wharf and the City of London and work with clients throughout London and the UK.

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Mediacrews provide a personalised approach, tailoring videos to meet each client’s needs and target audience. We prioritise building long-term partnerships, understanding clients’ brands and visions, resulting in consistent and cohesive video content that makes a difference.

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Benefits of working
with Mediacrews

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Mediacrews’ experience in various sectors, including medical, pharmaceutical, charities, academia, corporations and creative businesses, allows us to understand each industry’s unique requirements and nuances. This expertise ensures that the produced videos align with industry standards and regulations.

Mediacrews’ commitment to professionalism and creativity ensures high-quality video production despite being a smaller company. We can produce visually stunning and engaging videos that leave a lasting impact on the audience.

Mediacrews’ diverse range of services, from corporate videos to healthcare videos, live streaming and podcast editing, offers clients a one-stop solution for all their video production needs. This eliminates the hassle of working with multiple companies for different services.

Being a small company, Mediacrews can offer a more personalised and tailored approach to each client’s needs and requirements. This ensures that the videos produced effectively convey the client’s message and cater to their target audience.

With a smaller team, communication and collaboration between clients and the production company become more streamlined. This allows for more effective brainstorming and idea sharing, ensuring the end product meets the client’s vision.

Mediacrews builds lasting relationships with clients, understanding their brand and vision over time, leading to consistent and cohesive video content.

As an independent company, we are more flexible and agile in adapting to client requests and changes in the project scope. We can quickly respond to emerging trends and technologies, ensuring your videos remain relevant and up-to-date.

Working with a smaller production company often means lower overheads and more cost-effective solutions. Clients can expect competitive pricing without compromising the services’ quality.

The nimbleness of being a small company enables us to work efficiently and deliver projects within tight timelines, making us ideal for time-sensitive projects or last-minute requirements. If you need to corporate communication video made fast or a healthcare video quickly, Mediacrews can help.

What people say about mediacrews

Mediacrews is our ‘go to’ provider of camera crews for media and presentation training. The service is excellent and I cannot recommend them highly enough.
Working with Mediacrews is always a pleasure. They really know their stuff and I feel in safe hands.
Liz Barclay
broadcaster, trainer, CEO - Back in Business

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