Healthcare Video Production Services

Healthcare Video Production Services

Mediacrews provides healthcare video production services throughout London and the UK. We excel in this arena and have been creating medical, health and pharma videos for NHS organisations (Homerton Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust, NHS Somerset and Moorfields Eye Hospital), healthcare charities (The UK Sepsis Trust) and Academia (Royal College of Psychiatrists). These projects have included internal and external communications covering subjects such as training films for staff, information videos for patients and staff recruitment videos.

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Our healthcare video production services go above and beyond. Through close collaboration with our clients, we deeply understand the project’s intended audience. This empowers us to concentrate on crafting essential messaging and defining a captivating visual style. Ultimately, our mission revolves around filming and editing the video to ensure it becomes an engaging and memorable experience for all viewers.

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Our healthcare video services guarantee the seamless delivery of your healthcare video production and medical films, just as we have successfully done for renowned clients such as the NHS, care providers, pharmaceutical companies and charitable trusts.

Recruitment video for Homerton Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust

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Awareness Video for The UK Sepsis Trust

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Computer Software video for Moorfields Eye Hospital

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Healthcare videos offer many advantages, making them a valuable tool in the industry. They excel at educating patients, training staff and facilitating efficient internal and external communications. With healthcare videos, institutions can reach a broader audience, effectively conveying information while saving time and costs. Moreover, these videos serve as a powerful means for health education, raising awareness and providing emotional support to patients. They foster patient and staff engagement and build trust among patients and stakeholders.

Mediacrews has extensive experience working with various healthcare organisations, including NHS institutions like Homerton Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust, NHS Somerset and Moorfields Eye Hospital, healthcare charities like The UK Sepsis Trust and academic institutions like the Royal College of Psychiatrists.

Our healthcare video production services cover various projects, including internal and external communications. We create training films for staff, patient information videos, compelling staff recruitment videos and computer software benefit videos. Within the healthcare arena we can help with your medical video production and pharmaceutical video production.

Absolutely. We can assist with scriptwriting and content development, ensuring that your healthcare video effectively communicates your message to the intended audience.

Yes, we offer end-to-end healthcare video production services. From planning and filming to post-production editing and delivery, we handle all aspects of the production process.

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Medical, Healthcare and Recruitment Videos for NHS Homerton

We collaborated with NHS Homerton to create informative medical videos.

We recently worked on staff recruitment videos to attract Health Care Assistants and Intensive Care Nurses to join the NHS Homerton team.

One notable project involved advising Cancer outpatients on diet and exercise, promoting their overall well-being.

We produced a compelling documentary-style video encouraging staff to prioritise their health and safety by getting the COVID-19 vaccination.

Another significant project involved filming lectures and refresher courses for medical staff returning to the NHS after pandemic leave, ensuring they were updated with the latest knowledge and practices.


Awareness video for The Sepsis Trust

We have collaborated with several charitable organisations, and one noteworthy example is The Sepsis Trust. We produced impactful videos for this organisation to support their campaign to raise awareness about Sepsis.

These videos were designed for websites and social media, allowing them to reach a wider audience with their crucial message.

Open Eyes Project video for moorfields eye hospital

Around the UK, patient records still consist of many pages of A4 paper; moving to electronic records is the way forward for most healthcare providers.

Moorfields Eye Hospital in London wanted a video to explain the benefits of a proposed new electronic patient records system, and they approached Mediacrews to produce it.

Working with the doctors and clinicians, we let the staff tell their experience of patient records and explain the new system’s benefits, which they called ‘Open Eyes.’