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Mediacrews is a specialist video production company based on the Isle of Dogs East London. We provide camera crews for media training, corporate and medical video including filming for the NHS and academic medical role play.
In recent years we have seen a surge in need for businesses to use video as a means of communicating with both their staff and customers over a variety of channels including: YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. However they don’t always understand the video landscape and that is where we can help. We can provide everything from training for good webcam delivery (including improving lighting, sound and camera angles) through to more professional film making such as interview recording and putting together short video packages. We train people through short courses (typically two to four hours long) which can be delivered online through Zoom etc or face-to-face at the clients premises. Our training includes tips on how to plan your video, understanding the shots you need and then how to shoot them in the most effective way using good lighting and sound. Finally we can give instruction on how to edit videos to really make your final output compelling to your audience. This will include training on the use of programmes such as iMove and Final Cut where titles, effects and music can be added to enhance your editing projects.
Mediacrews also provide a Virtual Meeting service where we will record and broadcast live meetings and events for our clients. This will typically be a one to three camera shoot with titles and graphics added live and the final output is mixed live and streamed to a website of the clients choice. Virtual meetings are a popular choice during this period of COVID 19 where social distancing and home-working have taken on greater importance and we work closely with our clients to unsure we have safe working practices such as larger meeting rooms and good hand hygiene in place during such events. Media crews also provide video production services to our clients including corporate video and training video production. For internal communications we can shoot and edit short videos on-site with our clients to achieve a quick turn around for their videos and can also provide Autocue and other rolling scripts if needed. We also have a long track record of working in the health sector and have made many videos for organisations such as The Homerton Hospital, The Royal College of Psychiatrists and Moorfields Eye Hospital where we have used video as a way to train and teach their staff in new ways of working.
We also provide camera crews for Media and Presentation training and we come fully equipped to both record and playback many different interview styles including: radio and TV interviews, Down The Line and location recording.
We provide a wide range of high quality video production services including: camera-crews for media and presentation training, corporate videos, academic training videos such as medical role play and straight-to-web videos for your social media sites. Mediacrews also have over 20 years experience of providing crews for internal and external communications, one-off events, live streaming and product launches.
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Clients include:  The NHS, Talk Money, The Money Advice Service, The Royal Collage of Psychiatrists, medical role playing agencies, media training companies, PR companies and many online businesses.
Media Crews is our ‘go to’ provider of camera crews for media and presentation training. The service is excellent and  I cannot recommend them highly enough”
Lindsay Williams, The Media Coach
'Working with Mediacrews is always a pleasure. They really know their stuff and I feel in safe hands' ​​​​​​​
Liz Barclay, broadcaster, trainer, CEO Back in Business
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