Corporate Video Production & Media Training

CORPORATE video production can come in many shapes and sizes. 
Mediacrews has many years experience in the corporate video production world. The term Corporate Video has changed over the years and today can mean anything from a simple ‘piece to camera’ to a more complicated production with several elements such as: location filming, cutaway shots and interviews. For internal communications we know that budgets can be tight and also that these videos often need to be turned around very quickly. For this reason we like to work on-site at the clients premises where possible. We can bring portable green screen on location to give maximum variety to the background shot plus we can arrange Autocue (or teleprompt) if your presenter needs to read long passages of text while looking straight to camera.

mediacrews media training image
When it comes to Media and Presentation training Mediacrews have been providing camera-crews to PR companies and individual trainers for the last 20 years and although we are based in London we regularly travel all over the UK for some of our clients and we often have filming requirements in Europe as well. Our camera-crews come with all the kit to be able to record most interview situations including: face-to-face TV, Radio, Doorstep ENG and even down-the-line TV. At the end of each training session we provide copies of all interviews on either USB format or as file downloads for our clients. 
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