Medical, Health & Pharma Video Production

We have been providing various NHS organisations with video services for over 10 years. This has included visual content for both internal and external communications - such as training films for staff, information videos for patients and also staff recruitment videos. Working closely with our clients we gain a clear understanding of the intended audience for the project, working on key messaging and the visual style. Finally our job is to film and edit the video to make it easy to watch and as memorable as possible.


Since the start of the pandemic Mediacrews continued to make video content for hospitals. In particular situations where face-to-face contact between staff and patients is just not possible. We produced content usually to appear on YouTube channels allowing it to be viewed on computer, tablet and mobile phone. Projects included advice for Cancer outpatients - such as diet and exercise. We created a short documentary style video encouraging staff to get the COVID-19 vaccination and also filmed a series of lectures - refresher courses for medical staff returning to the NHS to help out during this difficult time. 
More recently we have worked on staff recruitment videos including ones for Health Care Assistants and Intensive Care Nurses.
Working with NHS Homerton on a recruitment video for Intensive Care Nurses 
Working with NHS Homerton on a recruitment video for HCA's
Working with NHS Homerton to encourage staff to get a COVID-19 vaccination.

Mediacrews has worked with several charities offering video production, filming and editing to create videos usually for websites and social media, helping to get key messages to as large an audience as possible. The Sepsis Trust is an example in point. We produced a short video that accompanied a book launch that was part of a campaign to raise Sepsis awareness.

Training videos can play an important part in the development of doctors and other clinicians and for many years we have been creating teaching videos to allow our clients to benchmark and standardise their services. It can be something as simple as recording a practical demonstration which can then be replayed as and when needed, or it could be filming patient/doctor examinations (as we have for The Royal College of Psychiatrists and NHS Somerset) to emphasise both good and bad communication styles.
Working with NHS Somerset on academic training video and audio files. Actors provided by PRP
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