Polishing your Podcast

Podcasts are all the rage today and many people seem to have a favourite one that they download or stream either weekly or monthly. But putting a Podcast together; recording it and then editing it into a professional audio file can be daunting. We have recently been working with journalist and author Kate Thompson who has written a book, The Little Wartime Library, detailing the public library that was hidden inside Bethnal Green Underground station during the Blitz in World War Two. Kate came to Mediacrews as she wanted to start a series of Podcasts where she would interview both bestselling authors and inspiring wartime women as a way of bringing their unique stories to a wider audience. Firstly we gave Kate some advice on what microphones to use for her interviews as they were often recorded over the Internet on Zoom and we needed both sides of the conversation to be heard with good sound quality. Then once recorded she sent them over to us for our editing process to begin.

Polishing your Podcast Image
Kate Thompson - The Little Wartime Library

Podcast Sound Quality

We can do all sorts of things to improve the sound quality of a Podcast including: balancing sound levels, removing ‘umms’ and ‘errs’ and also taking out pauses or gaps in the conversation. Not only that we can also add sound intros (or stings) or even add a music track throughout the Podcast. This process tightens up the final audio file and can often take minutes off the final running time. Kate said “Sourcing interviewees and talking to them was the easy part. The editing is less so! Anyone who knows me, knows I struggle to send a text so technology is not my strong point. Finding Ben and Dave was what transformed those long (often rambling) interviews into slick, edited podcast episodes. Editing is such a unique skill, what to take out is as important as what stays in. Ben sculpts my interviews into something far more defined, fresh and focussed, I also collaborate with him on themes for each episode, tone, structure, ideas and teaser videos. He’s an amazing sounding board.” To find out more about our podcast services, please click here.