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Mediacrews specialises in offering professional live streaming services for virtual meetings throughout London and the UK. Our expertise provides seamless live streaming, webcasting and webinar solutions for larger company gatherings, AGMs, investor relations and town hall meetings. Our cutting-edge filming and streaming option will enable you to effortlessly broadcast your remote or virtual meetings to a broader audience.

Live Streaming Production

Mediacrews bring technical expertise and state-of-the-art equipment, ensuring seamless streaming of live meetings and events with high-quality audio and video. We manage potential challenges, such as connectivity issues, guaranteeing viewers a smooth and reliable experience. Moreover, we handle the production aspects, allowing meeting organisers to focus on content and engagement. The result is a polished and engaging virtual event that leaves a lasting impression on attendees.

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Mediacrews provide expertise in delivering smooth and uninterrupted live streaming services. We can help with the live streaming and production for various events, including larger company gatherings, AGMs, investor relations and town hall meetings. If you require a live streaming meetings production company or virtual meeting live streaming services, please contact Mediacrews.

Our advanced filming and streaming options ensure high-quality production, using 2-3 cameras and professional microphones on speakers, providing a captivating viewing experience.

You can select your preferred streaming platform, allowing you to cater to your specific audience and preferences.

If needed, we offer secure web hosting with individual logins for all participants, ensuring a safe and private virtual meeting environment.

To promote audience engagement, we integrate popular communication tools like Zoom or Skype calls, chat apps, and email question submission through a moderator, fostering instant feedback and interaction during the live stream.

Upon request, we can record the entire live-streaming event, providing you with a valuable copy for future reference, archiving purposes, or easy integration into your website.

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