Should we be afraid of Ai?…

Well, it’s a very wide topic with countless possibilities for an answer. But in an office or studio environment, apps that are Ai based can help speed up and even remove the most mundane and time consuming tasks.

We work regularly with Times best selling author Kate Thompson providing editing for her ‘From the Library with Love’ podcast series. Kate recently contacted us about a new book she’s writing and needed hours of recorded interviews transcribing into Word documents. A quick search on google and we discovered an Ai based app that transcribes both live conversation and recorded files.

Over 20 hours of interviews were transcribed, saved and exported in a single morning – rather than weeks if created in the traditional listen and type way. It’s not just about speed though – with a headline 95% accuracy rate this almost certainly matches or exceeds human action.

Should we be afraid of Ai? Image 1

AI for Subtitling

We soon realised Ai could make the job of subtitling videos for social media a whole lot easier as well. Running a recording through the app and then simply copying and pasting the text rather than sitting laboriously listening and typing it out will make the process fast and more importantly – less tedious.

Even though we have only just dipped our toe into this brave new world, the benefits of Ai are already clear. With both speed and accuracy improving all the time – confidence in Ai’s abilities also grows.

Happily at the moment we seem to be in control of the app – but we remain vigilant, if it makes a power grab to run our office and oust us – it will be unceremoniously deleted… if we are able!

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